The experience of watching Maleficent is rather curious. On the one hand, this is still the well-known story of Sleeping Beauty, with the same consecrated elements (curse the villain, spiky finger, sleeping princess, savior Kiss). Moreover, the fable had never been seen in this way, with a festival of digital images, sound effects and pyrotechnics. This is really a modern version of the story, as the producers announced, but the shape is more modernized than the content. 

It is symptomatic that has been chosen for the direction not a filmmaker confirmed, but an expert in visual effects. Robert Stromberg has no compunction about using the maximum possible computerized images, creating fantastic creatures, fairies lighted, massive dragons. The $ 200 million budget are clearly visible on the screen, as well as very professional use of 3D, used both to give greater depth to the images as to hurl objects and winged toward the audience characters. 

Some scenes, like the wall of thorns and the levitation of Princess are really impressive. Other scenes, such as air planes forest and colorful beings, are indeed grand, but not very different fauna and flora fantastic ever seen in Oz, Magician and Powerful, Alice in Wonderland and Avatar, for example. Maybe get the uncomfortable feeling of watching a production in which 90% of the scenes was filmed on a green screen. But it is true that many viewers will see in excess visual feast of lights and colors worthy of the investment made in the ticket (especially in 3D).